iA Travel Insurance Coverage

iA Travel Insurance Coverage

By admin@iatravel 21 Feb 2022

1. Insurance coverage in case of a medical emergency

In case of medical emergencies while travelling or when you are away from home, we offer you comprehensive coverage. We ensure the best health care facilities at the place wherever you are. Your provincial health care plans don’t provide you full benefits while you are travelling, they just cover less than 10% of medical bills. If you don’t buy medical travel insurance from a private insurance company, you have to pay all the bills from your own pocket for emergency dental services, ambulance service, doctor prescriptions, X-rays, emergency air transportation, return of your travel companion and more. To cope with such upward situations, we provide best travel insurance with the maximum coverage of five million dollars.

2. Coverage for a pre-existing condition

We offer travel insurance policy plans for even those with pre-existing medical problems and are currently taking medicines for the health issues such as asthma or hypertension. Although the coverage is based on the age of the traveler, the duration of the trip and the severity of the medical condition, the coverage is available for every person. So, there’s no need to worry about your pre-existing condition while planning your travel to abroad or another province of Canada, we are here to offer you Trip Insurance plans that meet your needs.
No Medical Health Questions are asked from clients under 60 years of age. For clients above 60, a very simple Medical Health Questionnaire is asked from them to determine the cost of insurance.

3. Trip cancellation & interruption coverage

Although you have full fledge travel plans, any unfortunate event like medical emergency or death of loved one can restrict you from flying. Moreover, missed flight, travel delay, or natural disaster can interrupt your travelling, hence you need an insurance coverage which can help you to recover your financial loss in case of Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption. Buy Travel Insurance policy from a trusted insurance company and travel safely.

4. Baggage

Travelling brings excitement as well as worries and you need to be prepared for facing all kinds of situations. When you travel overseas or to another province in Canada, be sure to protect your baggage by getting affordable and best Travel Insurance cover offered by IA. In case your baggage or belongings get lost or damaged, you can recover your loss by claiming insurance.

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