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iA Financial Group was founded in 1892. Being a 125 years old company, iA Financials has come along way in providing safe & secure insurance services to the vast majority of Canadians and International clients. From a moderate start, iA now ranks among Canada’s largest and most prominent insurance companies.

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Why We Recommend iA Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Canadians

iA Travel Insurance offers the best insurance plans to meet the requirements of planning to travel with family or love ones out of the province or out of country. Enjoy holidays away from home with peace of mind of having insurance that helps you to cope with unpredictable events.

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From Where Canadians Can Buy Travel Insurance?

iA Travel Insurance offers the best and cheapest travel insurance for Canadians to make their trip smooth. You can buy single or multi-trip travel insurance policy as per your requirements and travel within Canada or outside Canada with more confidence.

An affordable and comprehensive iA finacial group are offered in the partnership with TuGo, a trusted provider of health & travel insurance in Canada. Travel Insurance for Canadians is a good option for both citizen of Canada and visitor to Canada.

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Tugo offers 24/7 in-house emergency travel medical assistance, with support in 27 languages


Years old & trusted company


Billion dollars in assets


Million happy clients

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Tugo underrighted by ia financial group is provide in strategic partnership with

Where & Why

Where and Why should you buy Travel Insurance

Your provincial health care plans may not travel with you when you are travelling to Canada and if you’re not a resident of Canada, you won’t be able to get the benefits of Canada’s healthcare system.

We recommend you choose iA Travel Insurance who is offering reliable financial services in Canada. We have one of the highest claim settlement ratios in the industry because of which we have achieved a leadership position in the field of travel insurance in a short span of time.

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Travel Insurance is a protective shield that protects you and your loved ones from unforeseen events while you are travelling overseas or to another province of Canada

What are the benefits

What are the benefits of Travel Insurance

If you don’t buy travel insurance policy plan, you could have to pay all the uncontrollable emergency expenses from your own pocket.

You would like to avoid this kind of situations if you know the following facts:

  • The average per day cost of treatment in the United States is $10,000.
  • The Canadian government covers less than 10% of the cost of your treatment of illness or injury whenever you go outside of Canada.
  • Even minor health issues like an ear infection or dental pain can cost you thousand.
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Which is the same as saying through shrinking from toil and pain. These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.

Trusted by over 7000 travellers, worldwide. Since 2000.

Get the best insurance rates from Canada’s biggest insurance providers and travel with confidence. Our partners are top Canadian travel insurance companies. Be rest assured of coverage.

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    Gration Emmanuel
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    Good company good Sarvesh. Thanks
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    eugune emanuel
    16. February, 2022.
    My family went to Sri Lanka and we were given an affordable price. Amazing service.
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    lambotharaa kirubaharan
    4. February, 2022.
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    ahamed asan ali
    3. February, 2022.
    I'm a international student and when I came to Canada, I didn't had any idea about the health insurance policies. From iA, I got the best service.
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    tesmin poulose
    6. January, 2022.
    I got my insurance on a cheap price and also received good assistance. I highly recommend this service.
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    Rinu George
    11. December, 2021.
    Great service
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    Aleesha Shan
    11. December, 2021.
    We went to Russia this year, I bought travel insurance from this website. Good price compared to other sites. I recommend this website.
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